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   $195 per person

Dont just see the glow, But come and see the actual Lava Flow. 'Ahiu Hawaii is the only company able to take you literally feet away from HOT FLOWING LAVA! Come and join us as our experience guides take you on Hawaii's hottest adventure!

Tour Times: 9:00am & 12:00pm

The adventure is approximately 6miles roundtrip and a total of 6 hours or more in the field. Depending on the group and the amount of time that you stay at the lava. (Approximately 2 1/2hrs walking in, minimum of 1hour of interacting with the lava, and 2 1/2hrs of walking back out)

We recommend you wear a good pair of covered shoes(mandatory), pants, long sleeve shirt, hat, sunglasses and apply sunscreen

Things to bring to add to backpacks-CAMERA (pack extra clothes and leave in vehicle)

We supply a backpack, filled with snacks, sandwiches, a 1.5 liter bottled water, leather gloves, rain poncho, a 305 lumen Headlamp plus a stick to interact with the lava!



$165 per person

Join us on our ranch as we share our knowledge of the old Hawaiian Villages which resided here, then learn how the Sugar Plantation took over. Then learn how WE the newest Ranchers and Farmers of Hawaii are trying to preserve what we have been taught through our ancestors. Next join us as we swim in a pristine Waterfall/River and fill up on REAL Hawaiian food raised straight from our farm.

Next we will make a journey to the most Southern Part of the United States, then to the Secluded GREENSANDS Beach. Last But not least we will finish up Exploring the South Side of the Island and moving on to the East Side at Hawaii Volcano National Park to see all the cool things including the Lava Glowing! Tour Times: 10:00am

Please wear swimming clothes, also bring extra clothes, a towel and dont forget your cameras.

$1200 per person

          What could be more dangerous than putting yourself on a train track and waiting for a locomotive to come close to hitting you? A 1,000 plus pound Hawaii Vancouver wild bull!  Imagine those ferocious eyes staring you down while he watches every twitch on your body and the only thing between you and him is your weapon and a few yards.  Your heart is beating, you start to shake, and you just remembered you need to get a nice clean shot or both you and your guide will be in a lot of danger.
Here at 'Ahiu Hawaii you’ll be sure to experience that 1st hand as one of our experienced guides bring you to these great beasts.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s feel the rush together! Hope to see you soon.


$400 up to 4

          In Hawaii we have so many outdoor activities and at 'Ahiu Hawaii we provide practically everything that our guest could participate in.  One of the activities is shore fishing! If you’re not a person that likes to go on a boat, the next best thing is to fish from the shore.
Come and join our experienced guides as they teach you the ancient and modern ways of fishing in the Hawaiian Islands.  Then, experience the joy and excitement for yourself.  We bet that fishing here on the Big Island is something you will never forget the variety of fish that you will land and the many scenic views you will see.  We just hope that you wouldn't pass this opportunity up, because we are the only touringcompany offering this activity.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your gear and go!


Please Call for Price


          If you’re a beginner or even an expert in the field of hiking, our team of experienced guides will take you to places that you will never forget. Come and join us to see the beauty and to learn of the history of these remarkable places. Come to see the variety of birds flying tree to tree and listen to the different songs they sing. Then lets search for Hawaii’s Game Mammals as they gracefully move about the land. Next, feel the mana (power) of the forest as we find a Koa tree to sit under for lunch and to ponder on all we have seen and what will be coming up next.

          Above is just a brief sample of what we at 'Ahiu Hawaii will offer on your outdoor expeditions. Keep in mind there numerous outdoor trails and our team of activity specialists can help you in choosing one that suits your needs. Then when you’re ready, our experienced guides will bring you to these magical places. So, strap on a pack and let’s get going!



$600 up to 4

          Pig hunting here on the big island is one of the toughest outdoor sports.  It is important to make sure each dog is fully trained to handle a very raunchy Hawaiian Boar.  Next, the trainer behind these dogs and his guests need to be fully prepared for anything that could go wrong. This is how the hunt starts.  Imagine walking through one of Hawaii’s rainforest, and the dogs passing us each time as they look for a Hawaiian Pig.  Then we see some huli (diggings) on the trail, the dogs are gone and everything around us is silent. All of a sudden the dogs are barking in the distance. We safely make our way there.  You’ll see the action and the strength of the Hawaiian Pig! Then it comes down to the moment when the kill is made simply with a knife no longer than 8”.  Throughout the whole time you’ll see and feel the strength of these animals that live in our rainforests.  Come and feel the rush!



$1200 up to 2


The temperature is about 50 degrees, skies are clear with a few picturesque clouds above our heads. The sun is peeking over the horizon of the worlds longest mountain - Mauna Loa. Suddenly you hear a variety of upland game birds welcoming the morning sun. Then, in the back ground, sheep crying all around us as they get ready to migrate. We'll slowly make our way one step at a time to look for a trophy Black Hawaiian Ram. There it is! Your guide whispers trying to control his excitement. Cautiously both of us make our way as we pursue a trophy of a lifetime. Come and experience this wonderful and heart pounding experience as one of our experienced guides take you on a journey you'll never forget!



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